Security Tips for Diamond Cutting Blades

April 17, 2021

Diamond cutting blades are a reliable and cost-effective way to cut a variety of materials commonly used in construction.

When using any kind of cutting blade, it is critical that the user knows the proper technique and is familiar with the contents of this safety guide. The incorrect use of diamond blades can lead to blade breakage and serious injury. Always wear a guard and personal protective equipment and follow all mounting and testing procedures.

Often cut material according to the manufacturer’s recommended diamond blade specification. The right product range ensures the best cutting efficiency and safety.

Diamond Blade Wet Saw Cutting Floor Tile

  • With a dry diamond blade, do not make long continuous cuts or deep cuts in a single pass. To keep the blade running cold, use a gentle pendulum movement.
  • Avoid cutting too deeply; it is recommended that no single pass exceeds 25/32mm in diameter.
  • Excessive pressure used to push the blade through the cut quickly can produce intense heat at the blade’s cutting edge, resulting in rapid wear and a reduction in cutting efficiency. The machine’s weight should be adequate to complete the cut.
  • Flat diamond cutting blades should not be used to cut curves, grind, or rake out mortar joints. (For these applications, specialty blades are available.)
  • Every few minutes, run the blade through the air to cool it down. Remove the blade from the cut to allow the machine to run “free” without any load. This allows air to circulate around the blade, which helps to dissipate the heat. The more frequently the blade should be allowed to cool, the harder the material being sliced.
  • When used to cut hard materials repeatedly, blades can lose their cutting edge; however, the cutting output can be restored by ‘dressing’ the diamond segments. Cut a few cuts through a soft material like a concrete block, a soft brick, or an old silicon carbide sharpening mortar. This will aid in the restoration of the cutting edge.
  • Wet Cutting Applications: Ensure that water is flowing continuously on both sides of the blade. Gravity feeds do not always have enough water flow. Water pumps on concrete saws are just “booster” pumps and should not be used as a primary source of pressure. Wet cutting blades need a sufficient supply of coolant to maintain blade life and cutting quality.

When it comes to successful cutting, Diamond Cutting Blades are the best in the industry, and using them while keeping protection in mind will guarantee a smooth cutting job on the jobsite. Furthermore, the consistency of Diamond Blades distinguishes the best from the rest. Vus Cutting Technology has a wide range of Diamond Blades to meet your unique cutting needs. When it comes to Diamond Blades, quality matters, and we make sure our tools outperform in any situation. Click here to see our extensive range of Diamond Blades.

Worker cutting concrete road with diamond saw blade machine
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